Personal brand logo for current Atlanta Braves infielder Ozzie Albies, who wears number 1 on field.

Personal brand logo for current Cleveland top-prospect George Valera, who wears number 13 on field.

Saranac brand soda and beers re-brand. They're previous packaging was so bad, customers wouldn't buy it. Something needed to be done. Sales rose as soon as these hit the shelves.

While this was the tournament program cover, it illustrates the look and feel that we developed for the Memphis Open.

Proposed 50th Anniversary US Open logo.

US Open Series. US Open National Playoffs.

Options presented for Orlando Open tennis tournament.

Memphis Open. Team USA Tennis

USTA Cares -philanthropic group within USTA. Paramus, NJ Historic Preservation Commission.

F.X. Matt Brewing Co. commemorative logo. Keeler Productions -television production company.

Baseballs by Mike Floyd -logo for illustrated product company. Going Elemental -Business consultant group.

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